a.c. trailer
​This 50 ton air conditioning trailer was built for Edwards Air Force base, 
as an emergency back-up and to be used when routine maintenance is 
done on the building cooling system.  These trailers are so efficient they
can be operated from a portable generator.  These trailers are bumper 
pulled from a truck.  Operation is as easy as hooking up to a water supply
and plugging into a portable generator.

Watch our demonstration video.  

For information or to order your trailer, call 303-829-5034
Coolerado Air Conditioners

  • It's a whole new way to cool using indirect evaporative cooling technology.  Instead of using chemical refridgerants and compressors to cool recycled interior air, it uses a new, patented process that runs fresh outside air through air filters and then a heat mass exchanger (HMX).  This unique process delivers more comfortable, breathable air using one-tenth  of the energy of typical air conditioners.  

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